Leadership Roles

I have taken on leadership roles throughout my medical career. In 2013, I was elected Chair of the RCOG Trainees’ Committee. For three years I represented and led approximately 1800 speciality trainees in O&G in the UK. Subsequently, I have held positions within the BMA. Currently, I am a faculty member of the Healthcare Leadership Academy. I include here some of the leadership projects for which I am most proud.

Chair of RCOG Trainees Committee

In this role I:

  • Established the RCOG Trainees’ Committee Executive Team to manage the increasing demands for trainee representation at the RCOG and external organisations.
  • Established the RCOG Trainee Global Health Group.
  • Provided leadership to trainees and represented them nationally during the Junior Doctor Contract Dispute.
  • Represented trainees on Council.
  • Raised the issue of rota gaps which resulted in the RCOG Safer Women’s Health Working Party and subsequent policy documents ’Providing Quality Care for Women: Obstetrics and Gynaecology Workforce’.

Chair of North West Trainees’ Committee

  • Won the bid to host and subsequently co-organised the National Trainees Conference Conference in Manchester 2014.

Relevant Courses and Qualifications

  • Politics Power and Persuasion, RCOG, 2016.
  • Medical Leadership in Practice. University of Birmingham, 2014.